OOC Log for Friday, May the 22nd, 2020

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Sat May 23, 2020 1:53 am

Niamh questions to Leilani, "Wanna start us off with the staff updates?"

Leilani claims, "I was actually really productive this week, even with children under foot. I'm all proud of myself. I added full outfit recipes to fashion and 29 bulk recipes across cooking, engineering, fashion, medicine and weaponcrafting. I also added credsticks of various denominations to the unskilled skillset which will serve as a temporary measure until a newer system is implemented. You can see these by typing <craft unskilled>. They'll come in handy more these days since there are now work yards in Sector 7 (built by yours truly) where you can perform tasks for single credit chits.

In an attempt to make these tasks more connected to the game, some of the items produced are transported to the org best suited to them. A note about chits. If you put singles in a container and then remove them, they spam one of our staff channels horribly, hence the credsticks. Cuts down on a lot of the spam on our end which preserves sanity, so do use the compacting recipes. As for the work yards themselves, have fun with them but please also be responsible with them lest you find yourself on the flat end of the divine spanking stick. Yes, this is a thing. I know. I made it. Niamh lost it, but I made it. It exists."

Leilani turns blue as she runs out of breath, gulps down air before continuing. "I also added some saltwater friendly species of fish to the fishing craft and built a halfway house for any homeless newbies who want to crash there temporarily until they're eligible for that sweetly free phome. There's a job in that kitchen as well; you'll need to bring your own ingredients to cook with. Your efforts there stock that dining hall. Read the sign; select recipes only. No food made, no eats had.

I also added food rations to cooking. These rations offer a slight benefit over those purchased on Mars or even the newbie ones, so go find a chef if you want you some rations! Slow-cooked cider is a thing now. Pinches of various spices are also things and have replaced the larger items of their type as generic spices. I've incorporated them into cooking recipes where appropriate, replacing the masala dani in most with harvestable spices so as to promote a more frequent interaction between chefs and gardeners.

Remember, engineers can make you the garden objects you need, so go to them before you ask for a phome room flag. More rp all around! Plantable and harvestable wheat is now also a thing which can be used in a gardening recipe for organic flour. Beach found art was also added to artwork at the suggestion of a player. All that being said, I'm sure next week's update will be something along the lines of, "I slept a lot, don't judge me."

Niamh declaims, "Nice!"

Niamh states to Anomaly, "Your go, Anominator."

Anomaly says, "Alrighty, so, I finished my brain-break earlier this week and started getting back to plot advances. Posted up a note for staff applications as well for an additional plot staffer. For those of you interested, please read the post on the announcements board. Other than that, Niamh and I underwent a hurculean effort last night to update Aizu-Shoto into "The Collective", updating the grid rooms for the org to reflect the new branding as well as their associated helpfiles. If you see any helpfiles needing updating, let us know. Other than that, I updated the Initiative Platform into the Sol Ascendancy Convocation Hall for upcoming plot things as well as mobs and room descs. "

Anomaly claims, "Niamh, of course, did the larger share of the updates as she had to do the coding backend for them and she also did some grid updates for the Ascendancy."

Niamh gives an arched bonnet curio cabinet with carved reeded pilasters to Cypher.

Leilani has created an arched bonnet curio cabinet with carved reeded pilasters[1].

Niamh says, "This week we retired the champion system and hard capped skills at 75 instead of letting them raise higher but not having a real function. Processed a couple milestones (indigo plants and the dye, plus something a little more subtle), prevented notake items from being slipped under doors, and added a system for screenreader helpfiles. I think look dir <direction> was added this week but it might have been last week. Updated a couple of our orgs into their post Terran Initiative Crisis states - the Collective is fully in on the IC front, while the Sol Ascendancy is more preparatory code for the upcoming plot scene. As a result of a couple players' plot actions I added a new thing to Computer that allows for TIN masking with the text message system."

Leilani puts an arched bonnet curio cabinet with carved reeded pilasters in a tear in the very cosmos undulating with ethereal radiance.

Niamh says, "Azrael is still on haitus, and Mont has provided a lot of help and support as I muddle through things."

Niamh states, "Ohhh, added some new helpfiles to the history index."

Niamh states, "I think that's about it."

Autumn says, "Awesome."

Autumn claims, "I do have questions about the collective and what it means on an ooc level."

Niamh claims, "Ask away"

Autumn questions, "Are there any changes in how the guild functions?"

Anomaly claims, "The intent of the shift into making it the collective is to allow players within it to be able to open shops that are their own business so to speak without it necessarily being owned by Aizu-Shoto. "

Autumn states, "Ahh."

Niamh claims, "I think the most notable difference will be that crafters of all types have a more solid reason to join them. You don't necessarily need to be an engineer or weaponcrafter, different mini-corps can be developed under the Collective to rope in all sorts."

Anomaly claims, "This also broadens the org's reach as far as the Corporate sector is concerned"

Autumn questions, "That's good, so you could get tailers joining them?"

Anomaly says, "Pharmaceutical and the Health Industry firmly remains under Humanadyne. The organization is powerful enough that it's able to avoid being sweeped under the umbrella."

Niamh claims, "So say, somebody that wants to create clothing and also wants an org to join for the support, RP, pshop discounts, whatever else - they'd be able to neatly fit into the org now."

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Autumn wonders, "At the moment a lot of crafters end up in workers or lotus I think. So in theory they'd be equally suited to collective?"

Niamh states, "Definitely."

Anomaly says, "Yep"

Autumn states, "Very cool."

Shaggy questions, "Is there going to be a push to hardcode more things as Collective Guildskills?"

Blight claims, "Very cool on all of the changes, it's amazing."

Anomaly says, "That is one other change that came about this week. Members of the collective get a discount on player-shop costs."

Anomaly claims, "Towards building them"

Autumn nods at Anomaly.

Niamh says, "Oh right! Yes, members of the Collective are offered a pshop at half cost - includes a front room, back room, and shop mobile."

Anomaly questions to Niamh, "I don't believe we've chosen to restrict more skills to it, correct?"

Niamh states to Anomaly, "Nah. "

Niamh says, "As with most things depends heavily on how things go, but beyond the two flagship skills I think we're better suited letting any enforcement (or non-enforcement) with that happen IC."

Autumn asks, "ICly they have the ability to enforce crafters going into their ranks?"

Anomaly states, "There's nothing stopping them from finding ways to enforce that, but independent businesses are still a thing."

Anomaly says, "The Collective effectively represents the corporate sector at this point."

Autumn claims, "Should make for some interesting RP."

Niamh claims, "Would very much depend on the RP. I think they could probably make a stink about it. If they got law enforcement players to give, say, an independent engineer a hard time with fines or invested the IP into the blacklist to push them out of business, I could see it working. Depends on how many people they can convince to get on board who have the right authority to enforce."

Niamh claims, "As of now I don't think that's going on, though."

Obsidian sighs.

Niamh gives an arched bonnet curio cabinet with carved reeded pilasters to Booknerd.

Niamh says, "I think something else we'll probably do is set up craft workshop rooms for the Collective, so while it's totally viable to be a tailor independently, it's arguably easier and less costly to do it from within an org that has a free facility available. So on and so forth."

Autumn nods at Niamh.

Blight claims, "Especially when said org is providing all of your materials to put in the workshops."

Niamh states, "Yes."

Niamh says, "Viable independent, waaay lost costly not independent. Makes things much easier for new players who want to get into crafting."

Niamh inquires, "Anyway! I've strayed a bit - question answered?"

Autumn says, "Hopefully might help to boost Collective member numbers too."

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Niamh pontificates, "I hope so!"

Autumn claims, "Very much so, thank you."

Niamh declaims, "NP!"

Niamh inquires, "Staff updates out of the way... how was the game overall this week? RP decent, bad, neutral? How do things feel in general?"

Obsidian shrugs.

Viridian claims, "Wonderful as usual. As I've said in previous weeks, I have more RP than I have time to do and thank god work is slowing down so I have time for it again."

Blight states, "Loved the RP this week. Everything seems to be going quite well - a lot going on on different fronts."

Niamh declaims to Blight, "That's great to hear!"

Autumn claims, "Got in a lot of RP this week. So many meetings, I even got (gasp) a public scene in. Which is rare lately for me. Lots of clandestine plottings with people, and all around sneakiness which I love."

Shaggy claims, "I've had some interesting RP, but it's felt a bit harder to find folks out and about at times."

Niamh nods at Shaggy.

Niamh grins at Autumn.

Niamh says to Autumn, "Nice."

Blight claims, "Yeah my job being too much is the only problem I have. I wish I had the time I had before, I want to be able to do all the rp. XD"

Fringe claims, "I was largely taking it easy this week. I had some good RP though."

Autumn nods.

Autumn nods at Blight.

Viridian claims, "I'll admit that a lot of my RP has been either org related or private."

Your internal implant ticks over to '8:00 TST', Second Shift.

Autumn states, "Same. I had a number of scenes that I'd been meaning to get in for a bit, that I managed to finally do. Offpeak can be really hard sometimes."

Niamh claims to Viridian, "Happens sometimes. I think when there's big things going on folks are more likely to be behind closed doors. Hopefully as we (FINALLY) close up the global plot things will have a chance to spread out into public again."

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Obsidian claims, "Not much on this front. Still just waiting to be informed of things. But few good scenes."

Viridian declaims to Niamh, "Love it!"

Anomaly states, "Nothing wrong with mostly RPing with your org and private. We love seeing public RP, but what we really care about is people having fun."

Autumn claims, "Oh, also I had 2 scenes in the matrix this week. Which was awesome."

Niamh grins at Autumn.

Leilani pontificates, "Hear, hear! Fun is where it's at!"

Niamh states, "Woot! Matrix RP for the win."

Cypher states, "The matrix was exciting this week, yes."

Autumn states, "Totally got to test combat there more too which was neat."

Anomaly states, "The Matrix is still a work in progress, for those of you who are new players messing with it, which in some ways can feel restrictive but other ways makes it very open ended."

Blight says, "I've been absolutely loving all of my RP so whether private, org related or what I do get in public, it's been great."

Cypher claims, "I'm not sure if the combat is working correctly though, but was fun."

Niamh says, "Would like to thank everybody for their patience and being such incredibly good sports throughout what has become an insanely long global plotline, incidentally. And Anom, too - thank you for fielding so much of it and running so many scenes. You guys are all the best."

Anomaly asks, "What happened to make you feel it might not be working correctly, curiously?"

Leilani cheers.

Autumn states, "It's not quite working right, but bugged it."
Niamh says to Anomaly, "Bug note about the unable to wake up thing."

Anomaly says to Niamh, "Ah"

Autumn claims, "It's using acrobatics for defence, which is not a matrix skill."

Anomaly says, "Mental acrobatics for the win."

Niamh says to Anomaly, "Dork."

Anomaly beams at Niamh.

Leilani grins at Niamh.

Autumn says, "It was still fun. I just felt bad about knocking someone out of RP."

Cypher says, "Would be more than happy to test for you guys though."

Niamh declaims to Cypher, "Thank you!"

Anomaly claims, "I'm just pleased we finally had a decker roflstomp someone in the Matrix."

Autumn grins at Anomaly.

Autumn pontificates, "Happy to help!"

Cypher trails off, "It was a close one..."

Niamh gives an arched bonnet curio cabinet with carved reeded pilasters to Luke.

Anomaly states, "There's nothing that makes an Anomaly more pleased than a good ole moment of conflict."

Autumn states, "I just love that I have a way to get into combat despite being a non combat PC >_>"

Booknerd claims, "Looking forward to playing around in the matrix for sure"

Niamh claims, "Lets see heeeere... for player topics, first up we've got Shaggy. Have at, Shaggy."

Shaggy says, "So some of this goes with the previous announcements but ... I've been trying to feel out how we might encourage more utility/purpose or encouragement for the Dregs as an area to give people more of a reason to want to RP there. As pulling people to get into Prole RP in the Prole area can feel super hard at times. Some of that is a result of it being dangerous for certain types, but even for those it isn't."

Autumn muses, "Would more prole and dregs shops help do you think?"

Niamh says, "Lets see here... invite was updated to allow dangerous areas. I think that was Fringe's idea. It notifies people it's a dangerous area, but allows the invite to be sent."

Niamh states, "I'm unsure how well invite works in practice, though."

Blight states, "As a former prole who still has a lot of ties there I totally would if it wasn't for, you know. Getting shot-having to shoot back."

Autumn states, "Invite is pretty cool, I use it a bit."

Niamh claims to Autumn, "That's an idea. Maybe some stuff there that's attractive enough to make folks want to go there."

Autumn nods at Niamh.

Autumn states, "Some very dreg thematic shops."

Anomaly says, "I do think the area driving off people who aren't proles serves its thematic point."

Viridian claims, "From my perspective, the Dregs are kinda barren. Even beyond the corporate problem, there's not a whole lot of reason to go there and my character lives there, so I should have plenty."

Niamh nods at Viridian.

Anomaly asks, "Curiously, when yall say Dregs, do you mean the Dregs or do you mean the area west of the bridge?"

Viridian states, "That said, I'm happy to pitch ideas, write descs, whatever to build it out. Dregs for life."

Autumn states, "I used to roleplay there a lot. I don't anymore largely cause of the whole GL thing and I felt like it wouldn't be thematic to go there as much."

Viridian claims, "West of the bridge."

Anomaly says, "I'm asking because I've noticed folks collequially refer to that entire area as the dregs."

Niamh claims to Anomaly, "I think it's become an encompassing term for the west side."

Niamh nods at Anomaly.

Autumn claims, "We do have more proles than corporates so in theory we do have a lot of people eligible to go that way."

Niamh says, "Lets make a point of doing some brainstorming on ways to liven up the dregs a bit. I don't think there's... even one shop there, beyond Kang's."

Anomaly states, "I have a question for folks."

Autumn inquires, "Hmm?"

Blight states, "Yeah...like there's a couple places I would still go that aren't disreputable, but I don't feel like messing with going there. The church and the dojo are the two that come to mind."

Niamh starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Niamh finishes her note.

Autumn claims, "Could have a strip joint there."

Anomaly questions, "Are folks happy with the gang members in the west side being aggressive to non-proles? Or do you feel the area reporting to the Syndicate instead of the Ascendancy is enough to make it forboding?"

Niamh states to Autumn, "That would be super suitable."

Autumn claims, "I actually like them being agggressive but maybe would prefer not lethal aggressive. It could scare newbies from going."

Shaggy claims, "It's hard for me to answer that without giving a strict IC example, but I could."

Niamh states, "Nixing the lethal might be good all around. Folks who might want to experience some trouble without losing a character to an NPC might be more likely to head in."

Autumn states, "Could have a wifi place set up in the dregs too, some dodgy place you can hook in. A bank terminal would be great. Also an email place."

Fringe claims, "Lethal should remain only for people who are redlisted."

Niamh nods in agreement with Fringe.

Autumn claims, "Having to cosntantly go into town for those things can suck if you're a dregs player."

Cypher muses, "Maybe instead of lethal a KO and jack your credits?"

Obsidian asks, "Maybe dregs mobs should steal from corporates 99 percent of the time if they've got things to steal rather than killing them?"

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Fringe says, "There could be other ways to get passed the gangers too."

Fringe claims, "At the moment the only way is through the Syndicate."

Anomaly hms.

Autumn says, "I'd love to see a matrix drone place >_>"

Obsidian says, "And peers."

Fringe states, "I heard that you used to be able to bribe the gangers, or charisma roll them, in TI."

Autumn questions, "I think you can group up with others right?"

Fringe says, "I'm not actually sure if that works."

Anomaly states to Niamh, "We could possibly move the cybernetic parts shop that's currently in the Night Market over to the Dregs."

Fringe says, "I've never been able to test it seperately."

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Niamh states to Autumn, "Yeah, 3 or more players grouped and they won't mess with you."

Shaggy claims, "I also have considered seeing about a bus stop or something so people could visit the Church, I'd honestly ST services if people would come sometime."

Booknerd declares, "Oooh!"

Autumn states, "I'd love that Shaggy. Some way for people to get to there."

Niamh says to Shaggy, "That would be excellent."

Viridian says, "I like that idea, too, Shaggy."

Shaggy muses, "Maybe the Night Market in general could move to the Dregs? Like having two different sketchy areas like that might spread out the RP too much?"

Viridian claims, "I enjoy the gangers ganging up on the obvious corporates, but I struggle with how could they know. There's plenty of proles who are just as schnazzy as corporates."

Fringe claims, "My only issue with that busstop, is people might use it to avoid people."

Niamh claims, "At the end of the day the goal isn't to keep people -out- of the Dregs, it's to ensure that going into the Dregs as a non-prole requires a thematic level of planning."

Autumn claims, "I think if you move the night market there, and make the gangers non lethal that'll help."

[Guide] Darlene gasps! There are three of us online!

Autumn claims, "So people going there get beat up a little but it's not so scary."

Fringe states, "It'd be a race to get to the bus stop, if you're pursuing someone through the Dregs, is all I meant. I hope there's a way to balance it."

Niamh says, "We've got subway points all over the grid already."

Autumn states, "Especially for newbies who might not be fully aware how to avoid dying to an npc"

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Viridian states to Autumn, "Yeah, I'm for letting them beat the shit out of people. That encourages medical RP without worrying about dying."

Anomaly claims, "I wouldn't move the entire night market, I don't think. That would take out a large chunk of the eastern side of the grid."

Niamh states to Anomaly, "Something similar to it, perhaps."

Autumn claims, "So maybe having a dodgy market in the Dregs."

Obsidian claims, "Discount everything"

Shaggy claims, "It just seems to serve a lot of the function that the Dregs otherwise would"

Anomaly says, "Sells things like rat on a stick"

Viridian states, "Yeah, cheap shops."

Autumn grins at Anomaly.

Viridian states, "Everything synthetic, nothing fancy."

Leilani says, "That is so horrifying."

Autumn says, "Lots of dubious food items."

Fringe declaims, "Rat n the stick! Iguana on the stick!"

Viridian states, "I'd even suggest a whorehouse but I don't know if that's going too far."

Shaggy states, "Also I feel like if you are adding a strip club the sex shop should move. xD"

Anomaly claims, "The Goblin Market"

Booknerd states, "I'm ready to now begin living my authentic dreg life."

Fringe exclaims, "Roach on a stick!"

Niamh states, "Whorehouses are themely, we'd just toss an OOC warning outside the place so folks know what they're walking into and can consent."

Autumn claims, "Strip club would work well in dregs."

Leilani claims, "Chocolate covered."

Autumn claims, "Matrix drone shop :D"

Niamh states, "Yeees."

Viridian states to Niamh, "Incoming madame character. :D"

Autumn claims, "I want more people to be aware of matrix drones."

Niamh grins at Viridian.

Obsidian claims, "I'd say loan shark, but probably more a thing that should be done with players."

Fringe says, "The Syndicate can function for that."

Obsidian states, "Mm"

Fringe states, "It's already been brought up IC too."

Fringe says, "We just need takers. :P"

Autumn says, "Lots of awesome ideas."

Niamh says, "Got a pretty kickass list of things to work on for livening things up and drawing folks over... I'll make Trello cards and we'll start on them ASAP."

Autumn loves Trello.

Niamh claims, "SAME."

Niamh states, "Keeps us sane."

Autumn says, "I use it for everything."

Anomaly states, "We use trello comprehensively as staff"

Autumn states, "That's really cool."

Niamh states, "God yes, I think we'd have gone nuts without it by now"

Yak claims, "Trello feature for the matrix."

Niamh claims to Yak, "DORK."

Viridian wonders, "Sorry, what's trello?"

Autumn grins at Yak.

Autumn says, "It's a list organisation website."

Viridian exclaims, "Oh, gotcha!"

Leilani makes sticky notes with a stick feature. Old-fashioned trello. Stick 'em all over your friends instead.

Niamh states to Viridian, "Sort of a collaboration tool. You create categories (like say, "Building" "Crafting") and create jobs underneath them in the form of cards."

Yak pokes Niamh into the cheek.

Anomaly claims, "It's good for organizing stasks."

Niamh claims, "You can assign people to them and such."

Anomaly claims, "*tasks"

Autumn says, "I use it for my work a lot to keep track of projects."

Leilani hasn't been on trello in ages...

Leilani is slacking.

Niamh asks of Shaggy, "Good on your topic?"

Niamh nods in agreement with Autumn.

Anomaly states, "A weird pet shop with questionably legal animals.."

Shaggy states, "Sure! My thought would be if the Church bus was approved, just have the bus pick up/drop off at the Bridge. So if anyone was hot after someone's ass, they'd know where it heads and could cut them off if that's a worry."

Niamh claims to Leilani, "I'm tempted to just open up the staff trello so people can see what we're working on but I'd be embarrassed to let them see how furious I am at elevators."

Niamh nods at Shaggy.

Leilani grins at Niamh.

Niamh trails off, "Every week or so I try again and add some fresh profanity to the card... >_>"

Leilani states to Niamh, "They'd watch me nab a job then take 8 months to finish it."

Niamh chuckles.

Fringe claims, "Questionably legal pets would be fun. Maybe throw another tattoo shop in there, that sells questionably legal body mods that aren't cybers."

Niamh trails off, "Okay, next up iiiiis..."

Niamh declares, "Autumn!"

Autumn states, "So hopefully these kind of discussion points I bring up are okay. I kind of enjoy getting player and staff views on ideas and concepts even if it is sometimes theoretical. >_> So here goes this weeks topic:"

Niamh braces self

Leilani rubs hands.

Autumn muses, "With After Earth's theme being very cyberpunk and sci fi orientated, it seems like some thing like stacks from Altered Carbon, or our own creepier and morally ambiguous version of it could suit the game well. So, keen to hear players and staff feed back on this. Could you see this happening on AE? How do you think something like this could be implemented that still sees death as being something to be feared and meaningful? What are your general thoughts on the concept?"

Anomaly battens down the hatches.

Anomaly says, "We have, actually discussed that a few times."

Niamh types.

Leilani trails off, "We've actually had discussions like this..."

Yak claims, "I suggested that to Niamh before, and Niamh never responded."

Autumn says, "I thought that you might have yeah."

Leilani grins at Anomaly.

Fringe says, "I'm not sure what that is. But it sounds freaky. I've shot for Carbon Freezing alot too."

Yak Cypher Niamh.

Yak claims, "Ewh."

Anomaly states to Fringe, "In Altered Carbon, everyone has what's called a stack at the nape of their neck attached to their spine."

Autumn claims, "For those that might be aware, stacks are kind of a cybernetic implant that allows you to punch your brain into a new lab grown body."

Yak says, "It would not only help to encourage risk-taking, but also allow anyone to make his own character vulnerable in one way or another. "

Autumn states, "Erm *might not be aware."

Anomaly states to Fringe, "It contains their 'soul' so to speak."

Fringe says, "Ahhh."

Zallan is idle.

Leilani muses, "Unless they're shot in the stack. In which case, dead. Unless you're rich and have a spare stack, right Anom?"

Anomaly states to Fringe, "Death in Altered Carbon only happens when the stack is destroyed, otherwise the body dying results in the stack being moved to another 'sleeve' or body."

Niamh says, "We've gone over cloning a few times and always end up leaning against, as it could work to negate the permadeath mechanic in some ways. It IS thematic, though, and we always end up going back to talk about it again. Stacks are a badass idea overall, to me - if we were going to do it I think that's the style we'd use for it."

Viridian asks, "So this would add an extra layer of protection from a pkill?"

Niamh says, "It would. That's usually why I lean against."

Shaggy claims, "I think my concern with it mostly stems from my experience with Rebirths on TI which is if you can essentially load your stack into a new 'body' other people will have no idea you are the same person, which can lead to one sided conflict RP."

Autumn says, "It could be done in such a way that still makes death hella scary. For example, losing stats, skills, or a significant time delay."

Anomaly claims, "Some talks we've had with it would result in things like Body stat degeneration each time you're brought back."

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Niamh says to Autumn, "Yeah, I think there's definitely ways it could be done."

Leilani claims, "And it could be publicly known somewhere. corpsec, humanadyne, etc. records would be had"

Autumn states, "And limiting it to a limited time thing. So you can't just restack and restack and restack."

Fringe says, "That... is pretty dark. And it sounds cool."

Yak says, "Add high costs and limited usage per periods of time."

Viridian says, "I think I'm for it, but there has to be a loss involved. Other games have done this by making new sleeves extremely expensive. I think if it's done here, you have to take a major hit to stats, like essense does for cyber."

Viridian states, "Otherwise, I think it's too easy to grief."

Autumn nods at Viridian.

Niamh states to Autumn, "Maybe even one or two stacks per person, or based it on their overall Body stat. Two max, one if below a certain threshold of body."

Blight claims, "Loss across the board would be best and make it permanent, expensive to use and a long cooldown time."

Niamh nods at Viridian.

Fringe claims, "Or maybe the stacks could have a chance to actually fail."

Autumn says, "Losing essence each time seems reasonable too"

Autumn nods at Fringe.

Viridian states to Fringe, "I love that idea."

Yak states, "Me too."

Blight says, "Loss of everything with an inability to raise it again outside of cybernetics."

Niamh states, "There's something appealing about the idea of killing somebody solely to run them through their stacks and make them more cautious. >_>"

Niamh nods at Blight.

Anomaly claims, "If we did it, I'd probably push to make it A) Wildly Expensive - this drives conflict with the upper crust of society and B) Have the stat degeneration. C) You'd lose things you had in your last body like all of your cybernetics."

Viridian declares, "Exactly!"

Richard states, "I kinda feel like resleeving does reduce the value of physical stats even more"

Autumn states, "I like that idea too. It'd be hella antagonistic."

Niamh listens to Richard.

Viridian states, "I think it adds a serious layer of darkness to the theme. Speaking for myself, the more dark, the better."

Fringe claims, "I still want Carbon Freezing too, though. XD"

Autumn states, "Definitely agree, it should be really expensive, high skill level thing."

Autumn claims, "All cybernetics would definitely have to be lost."

Obsidian has lost link.
Obsidian has reconnected.

Shaggy says, "I'd feel like we might need to consider Lifestyle income at that point though, given that's RPXP based."

Autumn questions, "New TIN number too?"

Obsidian trails off, "Killing someone over and over just to run them through their stacks might run them right through the game too..."

Anomaly claims, "I'm not a fan of carbon freezing because it's boring for the person being frozen."

Blight says, "I imagine whoever killed you would be pillaging them out of your dead body as you got downloaded into a new one."

Niamh states to Anomaly, "I always go back and forth on the idea of making it immensely expensive. It makes hella sense IC, but from a game balance standpoint it gets a little wonky. Older and more established players are more likely to have higher class characters (as they're expensive RPXP-wise), better lifestyle, so on."

Yak states, "It should still be a major throwback for a character."

Shaggy states, "Otherwise it might become a new player versus old player thing."

Viridian states, "Yeah, but I think cyan rules will apply to stacks."

Niamh states to Anomaly, "So-- yep, what Shaggy said."

Autumn says, "That's a good point re balance. "

Richard states, "There is also that, yeah."

Leilani ponders.

Richard says, "It makes older characters even more dinosaur-y."

Niamh states, "Making it just a matter of cost = more "lives" has some indirect downsides for newbies."

Autumn says, "I just love the whole creepy idea of growing bodies."

Richard says, "Impossible to remove or replace"

Leilani pontificates, "So many possibilities!"

Anomaly states, "I'd probably just tie stacks into an upgrade to the neural implant everyone has thematically then."

Anomaly says, "The one that tells time."

Fringe claims, "It's funny, I talked about cloning in the past ICly. XD This is the kind of stuff I'd love to see from Humanadyne. The weird science."

Autumn questions, "So increasing cost the more you get restacked?"

Zallan has returned from AFK.

Leilani says, "Engineers make stacks, computer programs stacks, humanadyne does something medical to them... pass it around, people. "

Yak claims, "That would be awesome actually."

Autumn clears her throat and gives a shifty look. We may or may not be working on stuff.

Unrecognized command.

Blight states, "Except that was kind of a whole theme in AC. The Methuselahs were able to do that because they lived so long to accumulate all that wealth - but in the end, here they'd be still tied to an irreversible loss to every skill, stat and essence."

Autumn winks at Fringe.

Niamh says, "I think in short the idea is good and very themely, we just need to do some serious long-term brainstorming no how to introduce something along those lines without unbalancing the new vs. old or undoing desirable mechanics. It's plenty doable, just delicate."

Anomaly claims, "I'd just tie it to humanadyne probably. Restacking respawns the player in a humanadyne facility and requires a trained humanadyne rep to do."

Luke trails off, "Plastic tubes and pots and pans, bits and pieces and, bits and pieces and..."

Leilani nods at Anomaly.

Anomaly claims, "Which alternatively gives Humanadyne a power dynamic they lack."

Yak claims, "Some mental illnesses, which worsen with each resettlement and costs more to fix."

Autumn says, "Also might help encourage players to play into the whole creepy medical thing."

Leilani states, "Affect: Disassociated. Leilani is feeling disconnected to her new body and may get a violent start every time she looks into a reflective surface. :)"

Autumn says, "Could also have a drug that you have to take regularly after restacking."

Autumn grins at Leilani.

Leilani grins at Autumn.

Richard says, "So if people can resleeve, can they steal other people's bodies"

Viridian claims, "I would think no."

Niamh says, "That'd be a bit much, probably."

Anomaly claims, "Nah"

Leilani trails off, "Let's wait until we tackle one aspect first..."

Viridian states, "Unless it's a corpse, and I'm afraid to even go down that road in this discussion."

Autumn claims, "You could have two resleeve options: you could get a random resleeve. Or you could grow one to look like your old form."

Yak grins at Anomaly.

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Autumn claims, "Also I think it should have some kind of time delay too."

Autumn claims, "Could have it so more money = faster."

Leilani muses, "Random sleeves might be less costly?"

Autumn says, "Cause more money means you have a sleeve on hand already"

Autumn nods at Leilani.

Yak will look like Leilani soon.

Leilani states, "70 year old 18 year old."

Leilani shudders.

Anomaly inquires to Niamh, "Did we have any other topics after this one?"

Niamh says to Anomaly, "Nope."

Autumn claims, "That's it, it was a good week for bringing it up actually >_>"

Anomaly grins at Autumn.

Blight claims, "I loved that topic. >.>"

Shaggy wonders, "Oh, can I make just a quick PSA?"

Autumn grins at Blight.

Anomaly states, "I could see a few ways it could come about thematically. It's just something we'd seriously have to discuss as staff."

Autumn nods at Anomaly.

Niamh says, "A forum post along these lines would be helpful too, if somebody's willing! Grab POVs from people not in attendance and gets all the ideas in one spot."

Autumn states, "It'd be a huge deal so would expect it to be."

Autumn nods at Niamh.

Niamh says, "Oh my god we stayed within the hour AND covered things."

Niamh states, "\o/"

Autumn says, "I think Shaggy has something to say."

Blight claims, "What how."

Niamh exclaims, "Oh! Go for it Shaggy"

Shaggy trails off, "I need to follow my own example and fix my helpfile as I borked it, but ... it would be super, super helpful if folks might consider adding whatever their public email address is to their helpfiles. I might be weird in that using folks default without 100 percent being certain that will go to them but ... "

Anomaly says, "It'll always go to them."

Autumn claims, "I should do that."

Anomaly states, "Everyone has the default Name@pub.net"

Autumn says, "I badly need to update helpinfo. Some people's are really cool"

Shaggy claims, "Well, some folks have like three letter names and it makes me wonder/worry."

Niamh says to Anomaly, "I think she means she always uses the default to make sure they get it."

Niamh asks, "What do you guys think of tying helpinfo to communicators as IC profiles?"

Viridian says, "Omg."

Autumn claims, "I'd like that."

Anomaly states, "Hm.."

Viridian claims, "Please please please."

Obsidian states, "Sounds really cool."

Shaggy inquires, "What would that look like?"

Cypher is idle.

Autumn states, "But, also not automatically print all email addresses. Cause you know, some dodgy folk might have secret ones."

Anomaly inquires, "As in the desc helpinfo?"

Viridian says, "I also have a question about TIM numbers."

Niamh says to Shaggy, "Pretty much the same, I'd reckon, but it would be an IC thing you're looking up IC."

Niamh claims to Shaggy, "Need a communictor to do it, so on."

Anomaly asks of Viridian, "What's your question about TINs?"

Niamh claims to Viridian, "Have at"

Autumn states, "I think that'd be neat."

Niamh is totally going to do that then!

Cypher has returned from AFK.

Viridian states, "Is it at all possible to put dashes in those numbers? I'm stupid and cannot tell you how much times I've registered the wrong number for someone because they're hard to read as a single string of numbers."

Autumn nods at Viridian.

Leilani wonders, "Should there be in game notifications when a helpfile / profile is updated?"

Autumn says, "I struggle with big blocks of text, or long strings of numbers."

Niamh ponders.

Autumn states, "So having a dash would be useful."

Niamh says, "I think it'd be doable."

Autumn claims, "Sort of only in displays."

Anomaly states, "Rofl, if only we could have a like function on helpinfo"

Autumn claims, "Even if codely it's still 23423432423434"

Viridian says, "It doesn't have to be like regular phone numbers. We can make it unique, but a dash somewhere would be a dream."

Viridian says, "Exactly."

Niamh nods at Viridian.

Niamh claims, "Shouldn't be too bad to toss in a formatting function that puts dashes every few digits"

Niamh claims, "And then another to strip the dashes when they're input for things like register"

Autumn says, "The only downside might be people might try to input dashes when they register"

Autumn nods at Niamh.

Niamh says, "Prints with dashes, under the hood no dashes"

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Shaggy says, "I think honestly people already tend to RP helpfiles as IC anyways like 'what you can look up about someone on the Matrix' so maybe making that official wouldn't be a bad thing."

Autumn nods at Shaggy.
Niamh nods at Shaggy.

Anomaly claims, "I always assumed helpinfo was IC"

Fringe nods at Anomaly.

Autumn states, "Same."

Leilani states, "It is."

Cypher claims, "Same actually."

Niamh states to Shaggy, "Totally what I'm thinking there. It's IC currently, but it doesn't necessarily feel as IC as it could."

Leilani claims, "Even says so. It's what you could find out ic."

Autumn says, "I assume that the helpfile info comes up on my pc's AR"

Anomaly states to Niamh, "It could be a neat rank 0 computers ability."

Shaggy states, "Versus use Background for things that would require a deeper search."

Anomaly says to Niamh, "Using it as a stepping stone to learn Computers by surfing the matrix for people's deets."

Niamh chuckles.

Niamh nods at Anomaly.

Autumn states, "Oooo matrix hacking background checks stuf."

Shaggy claims, "I've amusingly pondered if there should be Record command if you want to post up your background Arrest Record for CorpSec to poke at."

Anomaly says, "Rofl. Matrix ability that temporarily replaces a player's helpinfo"

Anomaly states, "With things like penis ASCII art"

Autumn grins at Anomaly.

Leilani claims, "Rofl"

Yak claims, "We need this."

Autumn claims, "Could add it to your museum then."

Fringe says, "I dunno, that could be used for griefing."

Autumn is totally not going to hack Stanton with that.

Niamh states, "Griefing is acting OOCly, being a dick IC not."

Leilani says, "Help -character Anomaly He likes yellow cheese, miniskirts and long walks on the wild side."

Niamh states, "*Is not."

Shaggy states, "That might be funny a first time, but you might need a frequency timer on it."

Anomaly inquires, "What would a decker be if they weren't at least a little trollish?"

Autumn grins at Anomaly.

Niamh claims, "Added 'tie helpinfo to communicators with some IC input, pool computer' to the list."

Shaggy claims, "Sort of like Hex just like how often you can do it to the same person."

Autumn states, "Could have it last only a limited time before it auto resets"

Yak says, "Help -character Leilani Likes poop on books and dislikes me reminding her of that."

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Niamh nods at Shaggy.

Niamh states, "Definitely."

Autumn claims, "So it doesn't undo character work and goes back."

Leilani claims, "Oh god."

Shaggy states, "Also if you flub the roll, it should show the person who did it."

Leilani claims, "Horror."

Fringe says, "A frequency timer or cooldown would probably be in order as awell."

Leilani states to Niamh, "Bann him."

Zallan claims, "Maybe, to go along with it, add in an ability for deckers to "Secure" things as well to help protect against that kind of thing"

Niamh states to Shaggy, "And send one of those terrifying techcrime alerts to CorpSec."

Zallan claims, "Better the decker, better the security they can put on"

Yak grins at Leilani.

Autumn states, "I do want to do more hacky antag things."

Fringe states, "A security system would be cool."

Autumn claims, "Securing decks too would be neat."

Niamh nods at Zallan.

Autumn claims, "Or buildings."

Autumn states, "Actually with the new portal locking thing.."

Anomaly says, "I'm tossing around an idea for computers, admittedly, as another item."

Autumn inquires, "Could that be used to secure decks?"

Anomaly claims, "I've yet to make a complete decision on it"

Blight states, "Yeah if it went back after a certain amount of time, that'd be great. I'd hate to have to rewrite it every time."

Niamh ponders.

Leilani states, "That... won't work if you enter the building. The portal remains unlocked behind you."

Anomaly says, "But it'd be a temporary decay matrix node that when you jack in through it sends you to a matrix 4chan that can access any of the planetary matrixes."

Niamh states, "Hrmmm."

Leilani totally forgot to mention that to Niamh...

Yak says, "Rofl."

Niamh states, "Might need it to autolock when you enter the portal. Damn."

Niamh declares to Leilani, "Bug note!"

Leilani says, "It's like cars. They don't lock behind you either."

Anomaly states, "You can lock them though."

Autumn asks, "Oooo what would the effect of that be Anomaly?"

Leilani grins at Niamh.

Autumn questions, "Just being able to get to secret Valhalla stuffs? >_>"
Anomaly claims to Autumn, "A matrix message board available only to the people with high enough skill to make the node."

Autumn nods at Anomaly.

Cypher states, "I like that idea, Anomaly."

Anomaly claims to Autumn, "And easy access to various planetary matrix grids."

Niamh says, "That's pretty awesome."

Autumn nods at Anomaly.

Autumn states, "I like it."

Fringe says, "While we're on the subject, it's been a long time since I've played a decker. What's the current output for failing matrix hacks? There should be a high risk associated with higher level stuff."

Autumn claims, "You can go blind and seriously screw yourself over."

Obsidian states to Leilani, "".l..k.r.""

Autumn says, "There's more risk to decking than sparring."

Fringe says, "Oh wow. Okay. I wasn't aware of that."

Autumn states, "Actually there's more risk to decking than any other craft skill I Think."

Niamh claims, "Zapping yourself with a crashed compile hurts like hell."

Autumn says, "Which I love."

Niamh grins at Autumn.

Autumn nods at Niamh.

Autumn claims, "It really does."

Leilani claims to Obsidian, "I will feed you olives."

Autumn asks, "So, in theory is it possible to have digital objects made for the matrix? I assume so given some of the programs? And if so , can we pboard them?"

Niamh questions, "Did we miss anybody's question?"

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Niamh claims, "Yeah, objects are totally doable in the matrix."

Niamh pontificates, "And please do!"

Autumn says, "I've been pondering a few for a bit. Definitely will."

Niamh asks, "If we're all good on questions and such, can put you back into the real (??) world! Everybody ready?"

Autumn pontificates, "Yup!"

Niamh states, "Alright! Thanks for coming and chatting, all. See you next week."

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